What are your hours of operation?

The SRS accepts waste 7am-5pm Monday through Friday and the office is open 8am to 5pm. Waste shipments should be received no later than 30 minutes prior to closing. The SRS is closed during most nationally recognized holidays.

Are you considered part of the Landfill?

No. E.T. Technologies, Inc. (ET) operates the SRS under contract with the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Facility. Although ET is a separate entity, the SRS is located on property owned by the Landfill.

Do you accept hazardous waste?

No. The SRS is permitted to accept waste streams that are not classified as a hazardous waste under state and federal environmental regulations.

How long does it take to get a waste stream approved at your facility?

If all the required documentation is properly completed and submitted to our office, the approval process typically takes under 24 hours. Missing information or documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets or analytical testing will delay the approval of the waste. If the waste stream requires analytical testing, the laboratory typically takes two weeks to submit the analytical report to our office after a representative sample has been submitted.

Can I sample my own waste stream?

Should your waste stream require analytical testing, ET requires that one of our employees obtain a representative sample for analysis at a third-party environmental laboratory. Exceptions to this requirement will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the generator can certify that a qualified sampler will be utilized.

What analytical testing is required for a waste stream?

ET requires analytical testing for the majority of the industrial waste streams received for processing at the SRS. Specific testing requirements will depend upon several factors including the process generating the waste, waste type, previous testing results, and generator knowledge of the waste stream. Generators need to contact our office to determine the exact testing required for their waste stream.

I have received a Waste Renewal Certification letter in the mail. What do I need to do?

This form is required to renew an expired or expiring waste code number. The generator should read the form completely, answering the process change question, sign the form, and mail or fax back to our office. New analytical testing may also be required.

Can I receive the waste code for a waste stream if I am not the generator?

ET does not typically release waste code numbers to parties other than the waste generator. This does not apply to consultants or transporters listed on the waste profile form completed by the generator.

My waste code number has expired. How do I renew my approval?

First, you need to submit a complete and signed Waste Renewal Certification form to our office. If the waste stream will require new analytical testing, you will need to contact our Project Coordinator to schedule the sampling of your waste.

Is it true that you are closing?

Yes, but we will be accepting waste through December 2026