Documents needed

Incoming waste materials must be fully documented prior to receipt at the SRS facility. For each waste stream under consideration for acceptance and processing, the following documents must be submitted to ET’s office:

  • A complete, signed Waste Profile document . This document requests information on the waste generating process, specific constituents of the waste, generating facility location, responsible parties, generator determination of the regulatory status of the waste, certification of appropriate sampling techniques, and certification of truth as to the accuracy and completeness of the information.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) pertaining to the waste components.
  • Laboratory analytical results derived from a “representative” sample(s) of the industrial waste material.
  • Any other documents, information, or data necessary for the proper evaluation and handling of the waste material.

review process

All incoming waste data submissions are reviewed by the technical staff and approved by the Site Manager prior to acceptance. A characteristic sample of the waste stream may be requested by the Site Manager during the review period.

Wastes which have been approved for processing are issued a Waste Code number and are delivered to the SRS facility accompanied by a Non-Hazardous Waste Manifest certifying the contents of the shipment. Each shipment is weighed at the Landfill scalehouse upon arrival, proceeds to the SRS processing site, and is stopped at the site office prior to off-loading.

Every truckload of materials received at the SRS facility is subject to load verification procedures. A sample is drawn directly from the load in the presence of the Site Manager or designated representative. The sample is fingerprinted and compared to the associated pre-shipment submittals. Upon verification, and solely at the direction of ET personnel, the shipment is off-loaded in the appropriate lined cell for subsequent blending.