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All forms are in Adobe pdf format. The Profiles can be filled out online and printed to a local printer. The profiles should be completely filled out, signed, and either faxed or mailed to our office. The credit application should be filled out only if requested by our office. The manifest form is for sample purposes only. Each shipment to our facility must have a separate, original manifest signed by the generator of the waste stream. Just click the name of the form to access.


Class 7 Waste Profile

This profile form is used for all industrial waste streams including: automotive shop sumps, car wash sumps, petroleum contaminated soils, biosolids, refinery wastes, and industrial process waters.

Class 8 Waste Profile

Non-industrial waste streams are profiled on the Class 8 waste profile form. This includes: kitchen grease traps, food wastes, and non-industrial waste waters.

Credit Application

Persons requesting a credit account with our company should complete the Credit Application form and fax it to our office. Credit account requests will be approved at the sole discretion of E.T. Technologies, Inc. and may be subject to conditions or limitations.



Each shipment received at the SRS must be accompanied by an original waste manifest form unique to our facility. The manifest form is a 5-part carbonless form. All 5 copies of the form MUST be presented to the scalehouse upon arrival. The transporter will receive the middle, yellow copy of the executed manifest after off-loading the waste stream. The top copy of the manifest form will be returned to the party responsible for payment of the processing fees. Waste shipments may be rejected for incomplete manifests.

Emergency Services Application

At the sole discretion of the SRS manager, the SRS may accept waste streams for holding while the analytical results are pending. This form is utilized to request this service. Management approval is required prior to any acceptance of waste for holding. Any shipments received without prior approval will be rejected. All shipments must have a signed manifest form and are subject to a $60.00 charge per load.

Required Chemical Parameters-Industrial Waste Streams

Industrial waste streams require analytical testing prior to approval/renewal. This list shows the required testing for typical industrial waste streams, such as automotive shop sumps. Waste stream sampling is performed by an ET employee unless specifically exempted by ET management. Failure to follow EPA specified sampling protocols may void analytical results and will require new sampling and analysis. All analytical testing must be performed by a Utah Accredited laboratory.