6030 West California Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Company Info

E.T. Technologies, Inc. (ET), a Utah corporation, originally developed the Soils Regeneration Site (SRS) concept and proposed it to the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF) in 1983. With the support and encouragement of the SWMF, ET secured all required permits, constructed and began operation of the SRS in 1984 on the Salt Lake Valley Landfill.

In addition to the SRS, ET has expanded its scope to become a full service, single source environmental contractor. ET conducts its operations from a regional office in Salt Lake City (located within a few miles of the Landfill) and its headquarters facility in Parker, Colorado. ET specializes in the study, design and implementation of solutions in waste recovery in the hazardous and solid waste management fields. ET offers a complete spectrum of professional services and focuses on the resolution of environmental and waste management problems. ET offers a broad range of services in the solid and hazardous waste management field and environmental engineering. The following is a partial listing:

  • Remediation services
  • Storage tank management
  • Hazardous and solid waste management
  • Site investigation
  • 24-hour hazmat emergency response
  • Environmental assessments and audits
  • Spill prevention planning
  • Onsite remediation of soil and groundwater

ET’s remediation experience includes long-term waste accumulations as well as emergency spills. ET’s construction personnel and emergency response teams are supported by a staff of environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, geologists, and safety professionals. Remediation projects have included:

  • On-site closures
  • Lagoon clean out
  • Building decontamination
  • Soil and groundwater investigations
  • Corrective action
  • Stabilization
  • PCB removal
  • Explosives and reactive waste handling
  • Hazardous waste handling and brokerage
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Public/regulatory agency liaison
  • Asbestos inspection