6030 West California Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


SRS has recycled over 3M tons of waste into cover soil.

An environmentally sound disposal option for Salt Lake County businesses and municipalities.

Diverts waste from the Landfill.

Sustainable Future.

The Soils Regeneration Site (SRS) was established in 1984 by Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County at the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility (Landfill) and operated by E.T. Technologies, Inc. (ET) since its inception.

The SRS receives contaminated soils and other waste types and reduces the contaminants in the soils using bacteria. The end product is a topsoil used exclusively by the Landfill. The SRS accepts the following types of wastes:

  • Industrial wastes
  • Petroleum wastes
  • Contaminated soils
  • Municipal wastewater waste solids
  • Automotive shop and wash sump wastes

Hazardous waste is NOT accepted at the SRS